How to Prepare For a Podiatry Appointment

A little preparation can make your first appointment at the foot clinic run more smoothly, helping your podiatrist diagnose and treat your problems more effectively. What do you need to take to your appointment and how do you need to prepare?

Take Along Your Medical History

If you have any medical information about your foot condition or have existing appliances, it's a good idea to take these along to your appointment. For example, you should make sure to take the following with you:

  • Any referrals or letters from your doctor (if you have been referred for treatment).
  • Copies of any X-rays or scans that relate to your problem.
  • Orthotic appliances or insoles that you've been prescribed in the past.

You may also need to tell your podiatrist about any other medical conditions you have and any medication you're currently taking, even if it doesn't relate to your foot problem. This information may be useful for the podiatrist to know, as it may affect your diagnosis or treatment.

Tip: Try to turn up ten or fifteen minutes early for your first appointment. You may be asked to fill in a registration form before you see the podiatrist.

Wear the Right Clothes

The podiatrist will need to examine your feet and maybe your legs during your appointment. The examination will be easier if you're wearing comfortable clothing that gives easy access to your lower limbs, such as trousers that can be rolled up or shorts. It's harder for the podiatrist to assess your problem if your clothes are tight-fitting and restrict your natural movement.

In some cases, your podiatrist may want to take a full look at your legs and may ask you to completely remove lower items of clothing. This also allows the podiatrist to do a bio-mechanical assessment and to check your gait if necessary. If you aren't comfortable walking around in your underwear, try wearing a pair of shorts under your trousers or skirt.

Take Along Some Shoes

It's a good idea to take a couple of pairs of shoes that you wear a lot to your first appointment. In some cases, shoes can be the root cause of foot problems; your podiatrist can assess if you're wearing the right kinds of shoes and make recommendations on better options if you're not. Your shoes also give podiatrists extra information on any bio-mechanical foot problems you may have. If you aren't walking correctly, the wear on your shoes may show this, helping the podiatrist to make an accurate diagnosis.

Wash Your Feet

Although podiatrists deal with feet all day, it's still not particularly pleasant for them to have to deal with foot odour as well. It's polite to give your feet a wash before you go to your appointment.

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