Foot Care Tips When You Suffer From Smelly Feet

Are your feet a little too pungent? As a condition that affects millions of people, smelly feet can often feel embarrassing. If you're a regular sufferer, it's time to learn more about ways you can care for your feet to make them smell sweeter.

Change Your Shoes

Consider not wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row. This is because the bacteria that produce a stench have more time to thrive, which then increases your chances of having smelly feet. Similarly, you should avoid wearing shoes that are too tight. Overly tight shoes promote more sweat, which, in turn, makes your feet smell more.

Try Medicated Insoles

Your podiatrist may be able to offer medicated insoles if your problem is particularly severe. Some insoles feature ingredients such as activated charcoal, which absorbs your sweat and breaks down the enzymes that cause the smell. Turning to a professional for your insoles means you're more likely to find a fit that doesn't compromise the comfort of your feet.

Treat Fungal Infections

Fungal infections produce a distinctive musty smell. The more the fungus on your feet and toes grows, the mustier the smell becomes. Fortunately, topical anti-fungal treatments are usually sufficient for banishing the fungi and the smell that come with them. If the infection is particularly severe, you may need oral medication too.

Choose the Right Soaps

People who suffer from particularly smelly feet sometimes find that everyday soap isn't enough. Ask your podiatrist about using an antimicrobial skin cleanser instead. Such skin cleansers tackle any bacteria or mould that are present and cause foul odours. Try using yours twice a day for the best results.

Dry Your Feet Thoroughly

Bacteria and fungi love nothing more than a damp environment where they can proliferate. It's worth considering whether you really dry your feet as thoroughly as you can each time you have a bath or shower. Unless you're rubbing your towel between your toes for the best results, the chances are you need to try a little harder.

Banish Hard Skin

Try incorporating a weekly foot filing session into your beauty routine. Wet, hard skin is very enticing for bacteria and fungi as it helps them to grow. Because of this, if the skin on your feet is particularly hard, you'll need to moisturise and file regularly to tackle it.

If your feet are persistently smelly, you may have an underlying condition that requires a visit to the podiatrist