Podiatric Treatment Options For Freiberg's Infraction In Children

Freiberg's infraction is characterised by inflammation around the second metatarsal. This is the fine bone that you can feel by running your finger across the top of your foot from your second toe to your ankle. This condition can develop in adults, but it is more commonly seen in children, particularly during growth spurts. It tends to be caused by excess pressure during a period of fast growth, which can hinder the blood supply around the metatarsal and cause localised inflammation to develop. Freiberg's infraction can also be caused by repetitive strain and trauma, both of which can occur when taking part in high-impact sports.

Symptoms Of Freiberg's Infraction  

In addition to inflammation around the second metatarsal, it's common for children to experience foot pain with Freiberg's infraction. The pain tends to worsen after periods of standing or walking and may ease off with rest. Stiffness across the front of the foot is another common symptom of this condition, and severe stiffness may cause your child to temporarily lose some mobility in their foot.

Podiatric Treatment Options

A podiatrist can help your child recover from Freiberg's infraction. They will carry out a foot exam and may refer your child for a foot X-ray to confirm the diagnosis, as some other conditions, such as a stress fracture, can have similar symptoms. Once the condition is diagnosed, they will recommend a treatment approach based on the severity of the symptoms being experienced by your child.

Your child's treatment plan is likely to include resting the affected foot as much as possible, as this will help to reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatories may be recommended to speed up the recovery process, particularly if swelling is severe. The podiatrist may also recommend customised orthotic insoles. These insoles will be made specifically for your child's feet and are designed to take pressure off the metatarsal and cushion it to support the healing process. Some children, particularly young children, may benefit from the use of a cast for a short period. The foot cast will protect the metatarsal from bumps and can allow the foot to rest even if the child is constantly moving around.

Freiberg's infraction tends to be easier to treat when you seek treatment soon after the condition develops. Ignoring the pain and inflammation can lead to inflammation spreading across the foot and impacting surrounding ligaments. So, if you think your child could have developed this condition, or if you have any concerns about their foot health, schedule a podiatry appointment as soon as possible.

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