Foot Problems During Pregnancy - Effective Solutions

Although your newly discovered pregnancy can be a time of great joy and excitement, as your happy arrival approaches, your feet can start to suffer.  So, what problems might you experience and how can a podiatrist and orthotic footwear help you?  Read on to find out. What can happen to your feet during pregnancy? A common problem as pregnancy progresses is swollen feet.  This is caused by fluid retention and the effects of gravity as your weight increases. [Read More]

Alley-Oops: How Podiatrists Can Treat 3 Common Foot Injuries Suffered By Basketball Players

In a sport where a crossover dribble is often known as an 'ankle breaker', it's no surprise that foot injuries are common amongst basketball players. While modern basketball shoes afford a great deal of protection to the feet, they are not perfect, and the stresses and strains of such a high-intensity sport can cause a range of injuries and conditions in the feet and ankles. That's not to say you should say goodbye to the court; podiatrists can offer effective treatment and pain relief for practically any foot-related mishap, including the following common basketball injuries: [Read More]

Managing Heel Pain: Can Contrast Baths Help?

If you've damaged your heel and are finding it hard to get things back to normal, then contrast baths may help speed up your recovery time. Using a mix of hot and cold water, contrast baths may make your foot feel more comfortable by encouraging it to heal. How do you make a contrast bath and what effects might it have on your heel pain? How to Make Your Own Contrast Bath [Read More]

The Secret to Staying in Shape as an Injured Runner: Aqua Jogging

Whether it's a stress fracture, a sore knee, shin splints or the dreaded plantar fasciitis, a lower limb injury can prevent you from running. For many runners, the thought of sitting on the couch for a few weeks is horrifying, but continuing to train on an injured leg will only make the pain worse. Thankfully, there is an alternative way of running that puts far less stress on the lower limbs: running in water. [Read More]