Foot Conditions That Can Affect People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should make sure to have your feet checked by a qualified podiatrist at every health care visit. Do not wait for any symptoms to arise. This will help in the early identification of any problem that if left untreated or unmanaged may lead to severe conditions like ulcerations or even amputation. When a podiatrist is evaluating your feet, he or she will be assessing your risk for the following conditions. [Read More]

Can a Podiatrist Fix Your Teenager's 'Pump Bumps'?

If your daughter is a shoe fiend, she may well spend a lot of her time cramming her feet into uncomfortable shoes. Over time, she may develop bumps that stick out on her heels. These bumps can be upsetting for a looks-conscious teenager—she may think the bumps look ugly, they may hurt, and they may start to make wearing her favourite shoes uncomfortable. Can a podiatrist help? What Are 'Pump Bumps'? [Read More]