Managing Heel Pain: Can Contrast Baths Help?

If you've damaged your heel and are finding it hard to get things back to normal, then contrast baths may help speed up your recovery time. Using a mix of hot and cold water, contrast baths may make your foot feel more comfortable by encouraging it to heal. How do you make a contrast bath and what effects might it have on your heel pain? How to Make Your Own Contrast Bath [Read More]

The Secret to Staying in Shape as an Injured Runner: Aqua Jogging

Whether it's a stress fracture, a sore knee, shin splints or the dreaded plantar fasciitis, a lower limb injury can prevent you from running. For many runners, the thought of sitting on the couch for a few weeks is horrifying, but continuing to train on an injured leg will only make the pain worse. Thankfully, there is an alternative way of running that puts far less stress on the lower limbs: running in water. [Read More]

How to Prepare For a Podiatry Appointment

A little preparation can make your first appointment at the foot clinic run more smoothly, helping your podiatrist diagnose and treat your problems more effectively. What do you need to take to your appointment and how do you need to prepare? Take Along Your Medical History If you have any medical information about your foot condition or have existing appliances, it's a good idea to take these along to your appointment. [Read More]

Don't Fester At Festivals: Keeping Your Feet Healthy At Outdoor Music Festivals

Music festivals can be great experiences, but unfortunately they tend to take a heavy toll on your feet, as you spend days at a time traipsing around between distant tents and dancing well into the early hours. Besides the obvious toll this constant activity can take on your feet, the harsh conditions can themselves cause damage -- unsuitable footwear (or no footwear at all) can lead to injuries and skin complaints, and the ever present threat of mud and damp can ruin your whole weekend. [Read More]