What You Need to Know About Podiatry Services

From custom orthotics to gait analysis and pedorthic services, there are a wide array of podiatry services available to help individuals maintain healthy feet. This blog is going to take an in-depth look at the different podiatry services available and discuss why they're so important for foot health. It also provides tips on choosing the right podiatry services for your specific needs and offers advice on how to maintain healthy feet over the long term. [Read More]

Podiatric Treatment Options For Freiberg's Infraction In Children

Freiberg's infraction is characterised by inflammation around the second metatarsal. This is the fine bone that you can feel by running your finger across the top of your foot from your second toe to your ankle. This condition can develop in adults, but it is more commonly seen in children, particularly during growth spurts. It tends to be caused by excess pressure during a period of fast growth, which can hinder the blood supply around the metatarsal and cause localised inflammation to develop. [Read More]

Foot Care Tips: A Guide For Athletes

Are you into sports? Whether professionally or recreational, proper foot care is critical for the best experience and performance in your sporting activities. Your feet exert a significant amount of force on your connective tissue and bones every time they hit the ground. This force travels to other parts of your body like the ankles and legs. For this reason, managing these forces correctly is critical in preventing injuries. And the most effective way to do this is to exercise proper foot care. [Read More]

Foot Care Tips When You Suffer From Smelly Feet

Are your feet a little too pungent? As a condition that affects millions of people, smelly feet can often feel embarrassing. If you're a regular sufferer, it's time to learn more about ways you can care for your feet to make them smell sweeter. Change Your Shoes Consider not wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row. This is because the bacteria that produce a stench have more time to thrive, which then increases your chances of having smelly feet. [Read More]